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Vampire facelift review

Are you considering to do facelift but you are too afraid to go under the knife? If yes then a vampire facelift is the best solution for you. Vampire facelift is a relatively new cosmetic procedure that uses the patient own blood to enhance the texture, color and volume of the skin. With just one visit, you will restore your youthful, glowing skin for a period of up to 12 months.

gkftj6r5This relatively new non-surgical procedure came into the limelight when controversial reality TV star Kim Kardashian aired how the process is done using herself as an example in popular reality TV show keeping up with the Kardashian. Her treatment included the invasive dermapen that is actually a device that uses 9 tiny needles to puncture wounds in the skin before applying a platelet rich plasma mixture. Since then, this non-surgical procedure has become very popular especially amongst women.

How does it work?

This non-surgical procedure starts when the surgeon draws a tiny amount of patient’s blood. He then isolates them carefully using a special centrifuge type device. The platelets are then activated so as to release the required growth factor before being injected into targeted areas of the patient’s face. 1-3 injections may be administered based on the patient’s desired results.

Is vampire facelift safe?

This is one of the most asked questions regarding this non-surgical procedure. Most people want to know if indeed this procedure is safe. Vampire facelift is 100% safe the main reason being that it uses blood that has been drawn from the patient’s body. It produces very little bruising and swelling, and its result can be seen almost immediately after the treatment. However, patients who are under medication are advised first to consult their doctors for a recommendation before going through this procedure.

What does vampire facelift correct?

· Skin lesions

· Fine and course wrinkles67yr

· Surgical and acne scars.

· Pigmentation asymmetries

· Thinning of the dermis

· Significant loss of connective tissue strength

Who is the best candidate for vampire facelift?

The best candidate for this non-surgical procedure are

· Those who want to improve their overall look (color and texture of the skin)

· Those who want to stimulate the growth of their body’s collagen

· Those who want to regain younger and smoother looking skin

· Those who want to enhance the clarity of their skin tone.

In conclusion, from the information, there is no doubt that vampire facelift will give you the result that you have always wanted without having to go under the knife.