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The Boxing Equipment You Need for Training and Competition

You have made the right decision to practice boxing. After preparing your physical and mental states, the next thing is to determine the right boxing equipment you need for this competitive sport. As you know, boxing has its share of challenges. You need to understand them before you become a boxer. According to DMB Boxing, before you even hire a coach, you need to buy the right boxing gear. You should note that some gear is quite expensive whereas some do not cost that much. Nowadays, there are various brands out there that are after your money. Thus, you need the right information to make the right choice.

Boxing Gloves

boxing glovesIf you think you can head to the local sports shop and purchase a pair of gloves that are ideal for, then you are wrong. There are certain things you have to know about boxing gloves that will influence your decision. For instance, you have to consider your body weight and weight of the gloves. Also, there is a huge difference between sparring, fighting, and training gloves. This should not worry out as there are online charts that can help you make the right decision.

Some brands classify gloves according to weight and not sizes. In this case, the gloves range from 10 oz to 20 oz. The padding has a direct impact on the weight of the glove. Padded gloves are perfect as the offer the much-needed extra protection. If your coach asks you to work on the heavy punching bags, then you will find padding quite useful.


You need an exact fitting mouthpiece that can protect the teeth from being knocked out. Although you are not at risk of being hit in the face, soon or later you will want to have a mouthpiece. The good thing about innovative mouthpieces is that they limit the impact. Thus, you need one even if you are engaging in light sparring.

Head Guard

professional boxerYou should note that the head guard offers protection to the most important part of the body. It helps protect the head as you train and spar without worry. With the head guard on, you need to be fearless and focus on boxing instead of your safety. You need to wear them during training. However, if you are a professional, then you cannot use them during fights.

Groin Protectors

These are designed to help protect you from low blows when fighting or sparring. Although they are optional, it is better to have adequate protection than not.