Bad Habits That Can Ruin Your Health

As a human being, we like to live as long as possible with the perfect health. But sometimes there are several occasions where your health is at risk and your bad habits cause it, and sometimes you don’t even know that you’re doing it. So, you might be wondering what those bad habits are and what can you do to avoid harming your health. In this article, we’re going to list what are the bad habits in your life that can potentially ruin your health. Do read this post if you’re a health-conscious person.

Sleeping Posture

Ever felt like your sleeping posture is not right? If so, you’re putting your health at risk, or at least your back. Lousy sleeping posture can lead to your back hurting, being paralyzed or even just hurting your body all over. A tip from us is to sleep properly in the right position and change your mattress with memory foam. If you want health services in your back and body, consider consulting in Footscray.

Bad Lifestyle

If you like to eat fast food and drink sugary drinks, you’re putting your health at risk, and we’re going to explain why. This kind of diets in your lifestyle can lead to many problems such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and many more. A simple and obvious tip from us is to eat in moderation, balanced with a healthy meal of fruits and veggies as well.

Sharing Makeup

makeup brushLet’s say that you’re out with your girls and you forgot your makeup, mascara or eyeliner. You’re desperate of re-touching your makeup, but since you didn’t bring your tools with you, you can’t retouch your makeup at all. So, since your friends are sweet, they wanted to lend their eyeliner for you, and you took the offer. If you took the offer, you have to realize that makeup sharing is equal to bacteria sharing, so you might want to think about it if you don’t want an eye disease.


An obvious one but you has to cut this from your daily routine. If you’re a smoker, smoking is never good for your health, as it can give you so many diseases starting from lung cancer, TBC, saggy skin, eye bags and many more. If you want to quit, consider popping gum inside your mouth whenever you get the urge to smoke, or at least cut down the number of cigarettes that you smoke in a day.